Lead by the artistic vision of its founder, Nadine Jazouli, and supported by a team of experienced florists, PRUNE les fleurs bouquets are inspired by the poetry found in nature.

While Nadine Jazouli is known for her casual and elegant creations, she is also recognized for her exceptional knowledge of flowers and foliage. Her designs are always inspired by seasonal and local blooms plus her own personal favourites.

"We are always seeking authenticity and our bouquets reflect this. We work with colour, texture, volume and depth to highlight what already exists; natural beauty."

Whether it's at her floral farm, PRUNE les jardins or in one of her four PRUNE les fleurs boutiques in Montréal, Laval, Quebéc, or Toronto, the culture is the same - bringing flower lovers together over their passion and creativity.

The gardens

For the past three years, we have owned and operated our own floral farm, PRUNE les jardins. From
April to October, this farm supplies flowers to our boutiqes in Montréal, Laval and Québec. With the use
of greenhouses, we've been able to protect our seedlings from the elements and this means we've
developed a more sustainable business model.
In addition, we work together with the local biodiversity and ecosystems that surround PRUNE les
jardins. Plus, we don't use pesticides. This project has allowed us to shorten the supply chain and
provide local flowers to our clients and customers.
Each flower is cut at just the right moment making it an authentic piece of nature. Fragrant, abundant
and with plenty of character, these flowers are perfectly imperfect. They are the link we needed to
reconnect our work with nature.